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Manchester is a crazy town, find funny videos from Manchester here


Don’t look up! Giant window spinning madly in high winds.

Now we know why this building is called No1 SPINNINGfields! We would Sh*t ourselves dealing with this but the fearless construction team working on the...

Beetham Tower Humming in Stormzy Doris

Manchester's skyline was changed when the Beetham Tower was erected but little did the residents know that when the wind blows in a certain...

Watch £85m Mega Bridge connecting Manchester!

£85m Mega Bridge connects Manchester today! Need to connect Piccadilly station to Victoria station? No problem, we will just build a mega bridge and railway...

Manchester Commuter Chaos!

Nothing gets peoples blood boiling more that the commute in and out of Manchester city centre. So I decided to travel into the city on...

Mad About Manchester Office Party Survival Guide!

Mad About Manchester bring to you, your Christmas office party survival guide! Miss the step in this video at your careers peril! To get £10...

Breathtaking time-laps of sunset and thunder storm over Manchester

Set to Ich grolle nicht, watch the sunset over Manchester as a thunderstorm rages past. Ok we are being dramatic, but its pretty impressive...

The moment Manchester United gets hit by lightening?

13 Sept 2016 saw one of the largest thunderstorms to hit Manchester, this footage shows a lightening bolt strike coming down around the Old...

Comedy Poem: Dogging I will go

A poem by Murray Lachlan Young, The lyrical style is based on a Ewan McColl collected song called A begging I will go, from...

Stranger Things graffiti and show review

Stranger Things is the new hit TV show on Netflix, Manchester artists Nomad Clan who are two professional artists - Joy Gilleard and Hayley...

The Burger Olympics

Almost Famous have created the Insane Bolt burger in honour of Usain Bolt going for the triple at the Olympics. Its a massive burger:...

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