Watch £85m Mega Bridge connecting Manchester!


£85m Mega Bridge connects Manchester today!

Need to connect Piccadilly station to Victoria station? No problem, we will just build a mega bridge and railway line! We are GREATer Manchester after all!

Soon up to 700 more trains will operate in Manchester each day, reducing congestion and making the city ‘great again’, after all we are Manchester the worlds first industrial city. We see a problem, we build a massive mega metal solution! So it’s fitting this new railway line is built over the original Stephenson’s Bridge which 150 years ago was part of the worlds first passenger railway.

This £85m project called the Ordsall Chord should be complete by the end of 2017 and it’s a game changer for the city.

So stop listening to all the BS about making America great again and lets share the truth about the worlds first mega city being built bigger and better than ever!

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